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Lemons have added so much flavor to my life. I don’t dare leave a market or grocery without a bag full of them. Simple squirts (giggity) can always brighten up any dish, dressing, drink, and most importantly, desserts!

lemon granita

Lemon granitas are my lemon dessert of choice. It’s refreshing as fuck, and takes almost no effort. Along with water and a sweetener, all you need to do is squeeze lots of lemons. With the right tool, you’ll have freshly squeezed juice in no time. And using FRESH citrus juice makes a huge difference, so when you can, squeeze away!


Thanks to the kind folks at Cookeezi, two of you lucky homies can win a premium stainless steel lemon juicer! It’s seriously my favorite kind of juicer. For reals! I’ve tried different types in the past, and this squeezer doesn’t require any uncomfortable wrist twists (say that 10 times), so it makes juicing lemons super easy. I know you guys are going to love it!

Enter now from May 11th – May 17th 2015 here:

Be sure to read the official rules!

Good luck!