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    Pumpkin Sundae Pie

    November 19, 2015

    Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I’m still blaming daylight saving time for screwing with my groove. But that’s alright! I welcome the guilt-free, gluttonous day with my professional sweatpants. A statement only a true fatass can proudly admit. I’ll also admit that I’m a control freak, when it comes to planning and executing the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Leo pokes fun at me every year, too, because as much of a kick-ass cook that I think I am, the…

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  • IMG_5364
    Fall Simple Eats

    Spiked Hot Apple Cider

    The day I tried spiked apple cider was the day I discovered the true flavor of fall. While working at my previous job, I was introduced to a very delicious and strong way of…

    November 15, 2015
  • halloween dog treats

    Halloween Dog Treats

    Pups (and humans) will love these spooky zombie finger dog treats! Oreo went nuts after just one taste. They’re filled with everything dogs love: pumpkin, apple, peanut butter, oats, and bacon. No tricky artificial…

    October 31, 2015
  • Mango Lassi Overnight Oats
    Simple Eats

    Mango Lassi Overnight Oats

    Start your morning with a blast of freshness! These Mango Lassi#OvernightOats will definitely wake up your taste buds. Mango Lassi Overnight Oats   Print Prep time 8 mins Total time 8 mins   Author: Jen Phanomrat…

    October 18, 2015
  • Chocolate Orange Delight Overnight Oats
    Simple Eats

    Chocolate Orange Delight Overnight Oats

    Chocolate and orange are serious BBFs. Try them together in these delightful overnight oats! Chocolate Orange Delight Overnight Oats   Print Prep time 8 mins Total time 8 mins   Author: Jen Phanomrat Serves:…

    October 17, 2015