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We believe that exploring human potential nourishes our souls and guides us to a more consciously connected world. 

Our focus: permission

What does it mean to give ourselves permission? Why is it necessary? Why is it sometimes difficult? On our road to become the fullest expression of our true selves, Leo and I take a look at the permissions we give ourselves and the permissions we need.


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Three kids from Queens

We love sharing our adventures–in and out of the kitchen–for curious minds all over the world. From filming sticky rice with mango in our old basement apartment in Queens, NY to Jen crying happy tears at the top of Machu Picchu, we always find humor and joy along the ride–one transformative bite at a time. 

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We love creating with you and for you and our monthly mouthful membership is a place where we can go even deeper on our relationship. Joining our monthly mouthful membership gives you access to content and experiences that allows us to connect in new ways; it also truly supports our team and enables us to keep bringing you what you love, authentically, on the regular!


New Stuff For Watching - That's what that means, right?

Falling in love with Fall

Join Leo and I on a beautiful autumn day in Upstate New York.

Bamee Goong

From Thailand with love. Send Noods!

Bacon, egg &

A couple of Queens kids making a New York classic breakfast food. 

I quit social media

The struggle to put my phone down is real.

I'll show you mine,
if you show me yours!

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