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Jen's Go-To Charcuterie

What's better than eating with your hands? Eating cured meats, cheeses and crunchy treats with your hands, that's what!

Leo, Oreo and I took a trip into the woods to escape it all and be alone with ourselves, nature and simple food. Simple doesn't mean boring though and I made a fancy-ish meat and cheese board that aligned perfectly with how nature originally intended us to eat, with our hands. Enjoy!


Serving Board


10 Minutes


The Elements: 

  • Meaty

  • Cheesy

  • Fruity

  • Pickley 

  • Crunchy

  • Sweet


The Ingredients:

  • 2-4 types of cured meats 

  • 3 types of cheese 

  • 2  types of fresh seasonal fruits 

  • 2 types of dried fruits

  • 1-2 types of salty, briny olives or pickled veggies 

  • 1-2 types of crackers and/or toasty bread

  • 1 jam or preserve

  • Honey 


  1. Slice meats and cheeses

  2. Set pickled elements and jams into individual mini jars or ramekins.

  3. Arrange cheeses and meats into quadrants or groupings at opposite ends of the board.

  4. Fill in the negative spaces with crunchy crackers, dried fruits, fruits and jars of jams.

Watch the full recipe below!


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