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Jen Phanomrat

Co-Founder | Editor-in-Chief

From: Queens, NY

Lives in: Lower Hudson Valley, NY

Winning at: Remembering to drink water

I want to overcome: My inner dialogues with fear and doubt by acknowledging them and replacing them with conversations with my inner cheerleaders. Oh, and my fear of big birds like ostriches.

Why I do this: Because…why not?

Favorite flavor: As a true Sagittarius, I refuse to commit to just one flavor. I love (and need) them all! 

When I first met Leo: I instantly felt his warmth but could NOT see past his haircut (sorry, babe)

When I first met Clif: All I saw was a 50-year-old advertising agency CEO in a 16-year-old‘s body

One great thing about Leo: He’s my go-to source for dick…jokes

One great thing about Clif: He’s always down for a ride

How to connect with me:

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Co-Founder | Creative Director

Leo Samanamud

From: Peru, Queens kid at heart

Lives in: Lower Hudson Valley, NY

Winning at: Dreaming

I want to overcome: The fears and doubts that have stopped me from growing for too long.

Why I do this: Life is too short to not change the world.

Favorite flavor: If it’s in bread, I’ll eat it…as long as it has mayo.

When I first met Jen: Things started to fall into place and life started to make sense.

When I first met Clif: He made me want to reconsider my whole wardrobe because that man can dress!

One great thing about Jen: The way she loves

One great thing about Clif: He doesn't fake it 'til he makes it, he just makes it.

How to connect with me:

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Clifton Crump

Partner | Head of Operations 

From: Queens, NY

Lives in: New York, NY

Winning at: Distinguishing my personality from my anxiety

I want to overcome: Balancing goals for the future with enjoying the now

Why I do this: My own creative freedom and to inspire those who wish to exercise their own

Favorite flavor: Sour garlic pickles

When I first met Jen: I don't think I liked her very much!

When I first met Leo: I felt his spirit energy more than anything

One great thing about Jen: Her complete inability to commit to just one flavor

One great thing about Leo: Always a good d%!@ joke on deck

How to connect with me:

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