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Monthly Members Only Content

Here's what's on the menu every month:

(2X) Tasty Memories

(1X) Jen After Dark

(1X) Monthly Digest

Here's a Breakdown:

Tasty Memories


That's right, for all you OG's we're bringing Tasty Memories back in a whole new way! If you're new to the party, this is a new spin on the video series that started it all.

Have you ever wanted to cook with me in your own kitchen? Well, here's your chance, sorta! Twice a month I will release this on-demand cook with Jen experience where you and I can take our time through a delicious recipe created for members only.


I'll show you the way, tell some stories, share some memories and we'll just cook and vibe at our own pace! 

Jen After Dark

I can't say this S%!& on Instagram, so join me here where I can!

Hang with me while I relax and enjoy a higher state of mind of you know what I mean. Jen After Dark is where we'll catch up while I craft and talk about what's going on in my life, the world and even check-in with members like you to see what's on your mind.

We're already friends but Jen After Dark is the safe space where we can vibe and talk that talk! See you there.

Monthly Digest

Eat and chat with my husband Leo, our bestie and partner Clif and myself.

Want to hear about all thats going on with JEL before everyone else sees it. Every month we'll get together, have a meal and talk about all that's going on with us, our business, our content and even share with you some of the funny or not-so-funny behind the scenes moments. We'll invite members every month to submit any burning questions and we'll answer them here.

Just Eat Life is the mighty team of three and we want you to get to know us all!

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