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Dad’s Quick Fridge Pickled Chili


This is my dad's (a.k.a JP) recipe for quick pickled peppers in the fridge. Sometimes the simplest recipes yield the most complex flavors and these pickled peppers do just that. These peppers are a great way to add a little bit of sour and spice to anything nice. Enjoy!


Clean glass jar with a lid


5 Min


  • Peppers (spicy, sweet, or combination)

  • Distilled White Vinegar

  • Kosher Salt


  1. ​Cut your choice of peppers into thin slices. If using spicy chili peppers, you can remove the seeds to make a more mild batch. 

  2. Place the pepper slices in a clean glass jar, along with kosher salt. For every cup of sliced peppers, add 1 tablespoon of kosher salt. 

  3. Fill the jar with enough distilled white vinegar to leave 1/2 inch of space from the lip of the jar. 

  4. Secure the jar with its lid, give everything a little shake to help the salt dissolve, and store in the fridge. It will last about 6 months in the fridge. 

Watch the full recipe below!


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